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Ayurveda And All - December 2014 issue

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‘Vital go for Vitiligo’: An Awareness Info
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
Despite continued progress towards an elucidation of the biochemical, genetic and immunopathological pathways in vitiligo, a definitive cure remains elusive. But, Ayurveda lends a promising hand in controlling vitiligo.
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An Integrated Perspective on Ardhavabhedaka (Migraine)
Kamath Nagaraj, Kulkarni Pratibha
Only few of us are spared the experience of headache. As many as 90% of the individual have at least one headache per year and 10 to 20% of the population go to physician with headache as their primary complaint. Read about this most common complaint and its ayurvedic management.
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Ayurveda for Women
Ayurvedic Approach to Pregnancy Care
Vaidya. Lakshmi Anoop
Pregnancy is a time when everything the pregnant mother tastes, sees, touches, hears, and smells should be nourishing to the mother and child. There are very specific recommendations to bring about a state of balance in the consciousness, mind, body, behavior, and environment of the pregnant woman. Ayurvedic texts say a pregnant woman is to be treated as delicately as if one is carrying a cup full to the brim with oil, without spilling a drop.
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Hyperinsulinemia - An Alarm
Dr. Rosy Gupta
The purpose of this article is to make aware, educate and motivate the masses to make key changes in their present life style to prevent diabetes, as prevention is better than cure. There are a wide range of medicines available to treat diabetes but all drugs are external to our body and thus have side effects. Insulin augmenting therapies for diabetes have higher risk of weight gain, neuropathy, renal failure, atherosclerosis and cancer.
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Music Therapy
Music, The Medicine
T. V. Sairam
Music should form an integral part of one’s daily routine. It helps in achieving balance which gives mental strength to face problems.
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Ayurveda and Sosmetology
Ayurveda and Skin: Beauty Tips
Dr. Charminder Kaur
Ayurveda has become renowned as an effective beauty treatment, being completely herbal, it is now being approached at more and more for beauty therapies
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Ayurveda for Eye Disorders
Dr. S. M. Dhir
Vision problems are multiplying at epidemic proportions in our society. Over half of the population over 75 years old has cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. Then there are eye disorders due to changing lifestyle – overuse of computers, or too much television watching and reading and then there are infections of the eye such as conjunctivitis etc. Taking proper care and getting treated for these conditions is of utmost importance as eyes form one of the most important organs of the body. Ayurveda suggests numerous ways to take care of the eyes and cure and prevent various common eye disorders.
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Home Remedies
Dr. Mukul Anand
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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