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Ayurveda And All - October 2014 issue

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‘Psoriasis is not Contagious, but Awareness must be’: A Glimpse of Psoriatic Arthritis
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
Nearly 3% of the world’s population, men, women, and children, even newborn babies endure the symptoms of Psoriasis and about 30% - 80% of people with psoriasis also suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis.
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Chinese Therapy
Cupping/Hijama Therapy
Suresh Kumar, Vikrant Arya
Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.
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Mind & Skin - The relation
Analysis on Intimacy of Mind with Skin in Ayurvedic Terms
Kamath Nagaraj, Kulkarni Pratibha
Skin is directly related with Mana. Sensory organ of touch pervades all over the body. It is always in association with mind also. The mind again pervades the sense of touch. So there is a close association with mind and skin. Hence, any imbalance in the mind affects the skin and any abnormalities of the skin affect the mind.
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Water-A Vital Element
Dr. Saran Babu, Dr. Rohit K. S., Dr. Gazala Hussain, Dr. Govinda Sharma, Dr. Vinay R Kdibagil
Water doesn’t become a remedy, merely by being cooked or uncooked or only being hot or cold. If it is used judiciously in appropriate quantity& time it acts like nectar and will play an important role in preserving health.
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Ayurveda for Children
Ayurveda for Promotion of Children’s Health
Vaidya. Lakshmi Anoop
Ayurveda has much to offer in the way of gentle and effective health care and disease prevention for children through diet and lifestyle, as well as the use of medicinal herbs and spices. For thousands of years herbs have been successfully used for addressing a wide variety of childhood disorders. Many herbs can strengthen the immune system and support the health of children of all ages in a safe and holistic manner.
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Health Education
Health Education - (In the wake of Healthcare Reforms)
Dr. Abhishek MagotrA, Dr. Shivakumar
Health education as a tool for health promotion is critical for improving the health of populations and promotes health capital. So it is a need of the hour to use this tool to prevent disease and educate public about health issues.
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Yoga & Ayurveda
Panchakarma of Ayurveda vis-a-vis Satokarma of Hatohayoga
Dr. Ranjip Kumar Dass
Ayurveda and Yoga are like two sides of the coin. This is a comparative study of Ayurveda and Yoga.
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Ginger-A Spice for a Healthy Life
Dr. Baljot Kaur
Ginger is an important and integral part of every home . It is used as a spice and medicine which adds flavor to the food and promotes health. It is one of the commonest herbs used in home remedies.
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Dengue-What you Can do to Help Yourself?
Dr. Preeti Das
The dengue menace in Delhi is becoming an international concern with its showing no signs of abating. Let us see how we can overcome and prevent dengue at our own individual levels and curb the rising epidemic.
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Ayurveda and Skin
Blackheads and Dark Circles - Two Common Cosmetic Problems
Dr. Preeti Das
Any scar or blemish on the skin worries a Woman the most. The two most common causes of blemishes are blackheads and under eye dark circles. Some simple ways can help prevent and cure them easily at home.
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