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Ayurveda And All - July 2014 issue

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Vector Borne Diseases
‘Small Bite-Big Threat’: An alert on Vector Borne Diseases
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
The present article is aimed at alerting the human community of these VBDs as the on- going climatic conditions are most favorable for the breeding of vectors, and thereby the menace can be prevented by taking some important measures.
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Renal Stones
Concept & Management of Mutrashmari
Kamath Nagaraj, Kulkarni Pratibha
Acharya sushruta, the pioneer in the art and science of surgery has described widely and comprehensively about the Mutrashmari with its classification, symptomatology, etiology, pathology, complications and its management.
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Relieving Sinus Headache Through Ayurveda
Dr. Madhavi Seetha
Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses. It occurs as the result of an infection from a virus, bacteria, or fungus. Ayurvedic treatment helps in the management of sinusitis and its symptoms.
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Ashwagandha – Evidence based potential remedy for various ailments
Vaidya. Lakshmi Anoop
Ashwaganda has been used successfully in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, more clinical trials should be conducted to support its therapeutic use. It is also important to recognize that Ashwagandha extracts are effective not only on isolation, but may actually have a modulating effect when given in combination with other herbs or drugs.
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Antioxidants and their Role
Dr. C. Rajalakshmi
Our bodies are battlegrounds against infection and diseases. Normal body functions such as breathing or physical activity and other lifestyle habits such as smoking produce substances called free radicals that attack healthy cells. When these healthy cells are weakened, they are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and carotenoids, which include beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.
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Music Therapy
Music – A Complementary Medicine in Rehabilitation
T. V. Sairam
Music therapy is the way music and musical activities are employed so as to facilitate physical, cognitive, communicative or psychological improvement in patients. Recent developments include the use of music even in the care of people with cancer and HIV, apart from using it in pain relief and in neuro-rehabilitation.
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Yoga Nidra - A Therapeutic Relaxation
Dr. Yogitha J Ebnezar
"Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs.” Yoga nidra, derived from the tantras, is a powerful technique in which one learns to relax consciously. It’s also called as the state of dynamic sleep. Yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
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Healthy Foods
Reishi Mushroom
Saveena Chauhan, Vikrant Arya
Reishi mushroom is a valuable medicine in Asian Herbal Medicine. The polysaccharide content of mushroom is responsible for anticancer and immunostimulatory effect. Reishi also provide hepatoprotection, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.
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