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Ayurveda And All - March 2014 issue

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Ayurvedic Therapies
Concept of Ksheerapaka - A Medicated Milk Decoction
A N Jayaprakash, Kadibagil R Vinay, Ganti Y Basavaraj
Ksheerapaka is a unique liquid dosage form mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics, where Milk is used as a solvent for the extraction of medicinal components of the drug used. Apart from therapeutic action of the drug, Ksheerapaka is supposed to nourish the body tissues by virtue of the nutritional properties of Milk. Most commonly the drugs used in the preparation have Katu (pungent) and Kashaya (astringent) rasa; and the intention of adopting this mode of preparation is to bring down Teekshnata and to mask the Kashayata of the drugs. The formulation is rendered palatable by Milk by virtue of its Madhura rasa and Madhura vipaka. As per the standard procedures mentioned by the texts of Ayurveda, there are different ratios of Drug, Milk and Water for the preparation of Ksheerapaka, in all the methods the mixture is subjected to mild heating till volume of the mixture is reduced to initial volume of Milk. Hence in this article pharmaceutics of ksheerapaka is discussed.
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Haritaki-Panacea for all Diseases
Vaidya Lakshmi Anoop
Haritaki is the best rejuvenation in all the seasons. Haritaki is advised to be used throughout the year and is administered with different substances in different seasons to get best results.
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Ayurvedic Therapies
Clinical Effect of Kshara Sutra in Fistula in Ano
Dr Deepak
Kshara sutra is a medicated thread. It is used in the management of Anorectal diseased like Arshas (Haemorrhoids) and Bhagandara (Fistula in Ano). Kshara sutra is said to be the best and most effective procedure amongst other Ayurvedic surgery. Because of its simple technique, Kshara sutra has important properties like chedana (excision), lekhana (scrapping), and ropana (healing).
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Br**st Cancer - A Concern Among Males WSR Arbudha
Kamath Nagaraj, Chiplunkar Shivprasad
Br**st cancer considered a dreaded form of non skin cancer for women is also a cause for growing concern among men with doctors claiming that males are also falling prey to the disease. Need for further increasing awareness among men to reduce stigma associated with presentation of symptoms related to br**st. This should be in addition to stressing to clinicians the ways of earlier detection and tailor-made “gender oriented” treatment of br**st cancer in men. Ayurvedic medicines play important role in treating and improving the quality of life of male br**st cancer patients.
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Some Important Ayurvedic Formulations
Vikrant Arya, Ajay Chaudhary
This article provides us brief information regarding some important formulations of Ayurveda including their doses along with indications.
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Music Therapy
Tocaata in Music, as a Remedy for Increasing Concentration for those who Lack it.
T  V Sairam
Toccata, musical form for keyboard instruments, written in a free style that is characterized by full chords, rapid runs, high harmonies, and other virtuoso elements designed to show off the performer’s “touch.” The earliest use of the term (about 1536) was associated with solo lute music of an improvisatory character. Read more about Toccata…
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Ayurveda and Respiratory Disorders
Dr. Madhavi Seetha
Ayurveda has enormous knowledge about disorders of Pranavaha srotas (Respiratory system) resembling Kasa, Swasa, Kshaya and Kshat ksheena etc. the major dosha involved in respiratory disorder are Kapha and Vata which causes constriction of channels of respiration and obstacle in the respiration process at micro and macro level. This leads to Pranavaha srotas Dushti. Consequently the principle of treatment for pranavaha srotas is to bring normalcy in these doshas by shamana (palliative) medical treatment as well as Shodhana (bio-cleansing) procedures. Ayurveda also offers dietary and lifestyle regimes for prevention of respiratory disorders.
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Ayurvedic Nutrition
Juices & Sauces in Ayurveda
Priya.K Gazala Hussain
Juices & sauces are widely available in the present period & used widely not just as food product but also for nutritive value. The concept of it is not new to ayurvedic pharmaceutics. Reference are found in samhita about different preparation of these termed as raga sadava adding to nutritive value by giving health benefit but also used therapeutically in many conditions
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Ayurveda and Oral Care
Fight Bad Breath
Dr. S. K. Mishra
Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem. It can be caused by the foods you eat, dry mouth, tobacco products, or a medical disorder. Maintaining proper oral health can help reduce or eliminate bad breath.
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Fruit of the Angels – Papaya
Uday Yadav
Papaya is a popular fruit found almost in all parts of India in all seasons. Papaya fruits has many properties and health benefits. Add Papaya to your diet and reap rich benefits.
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Home Remedies
Dr. Mukul Anand
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Book Review: Ayurjyothi - Worlds' first book on Ayurveda in Braille script
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