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Ayurveda And All - May 2013 issue

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Alkaloids: A phytopharmacological update 2012-13
Dr. Vikrant Arya
Plants have the ability to produce thousands of highly complex secondary metabolites like alkaloids to facilitate their survival in the environment, many of which protect the plant from predators. An alkaloid (derived from amino acids) is an organic compound that contains nitrogen as the key atom that is produced by plants, fungi and bacteria. This review encompasses the current status (year 2012-13) of the alkaloids in the plants and summarizes its phytopharmacological status.
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Ayurvedic Therapy
Concise review of panchkarma in chakradatta
Dr. Yogeshwari V. Suple
Panchkarma is an Ayurveda Therapy for cleansing of body toxins, achieve balanced state of body, mind and consciousness. As the name suggests, Pancha in Sanskrit stands for Five and Karma are the therapeutic measures, therefore Panchakarma means five types of therapeutic measures. It is natural that some toxins accumulate in the body as a result of various metabolic activities, which the body performs involuntarily. There are certain toxins that still remain in the body causing many diseases, when their quantity increases beyond a certain limit To bring about equilibrium in the body Ayurveda prescribes Panchakarma- a curative line of treatment that works in the principles of shodhana chikitsa (purification procedure).
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Herbl Remedies
Remedy of some diseases by local herbs
Dr. Ranjip Kumar Dass, Dr. Mukesh Dubey
This article describes diseases common in Rajasthan with their remedy by medicinal plants & plant products with therapeutic application of some common plants which are commonly used in our household.
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Health Foods
What does ayurveda say about yoghurt?
Dr. Yogitha Bali
Freshly made yogurt is filled with countless numbers of beneficial bacteria that help digestion and kill harmful viruses. Ayurveda gives more importance to yoghurt or curds and recommend consuming it in the form of a drink known as lassi.
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Importance of nutrition in geriatrics population
Dr Shobha Benijwal , Dr Mukesh Dubey
Diet plays a vital role in maintaining health for everyone but is especially important for older people. Understanding the dietary needs of the older person is essential for anyone involved in caring or catering for older people.The recommended dietary modification for different health problems in old age are as follows.
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Keep yourself healthy with natures gift: tulsi
Dr. Shobha Benijwal
Tulsi plant has a lot of significance for mankind, due to the manifold medicinal benefits it provides. benefits.
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