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Ayurveda And All - April 2013 issue

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Klaibya a life style disorder
Dr. Nagaraj. S, Dr. Nikhil Chandra
The male s*x**l dysfunctions have been elaborately described as Klaibya in Ayurvedic classics. It refers to a problem during any phase of the s*x**l response cycle that prevents the man from experiencing satisfaction from the activity which includes s*x**l desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders and s*x**l pain disorders. Read about Klaibya and its Ayurvedic Management.
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Music Therapy
Methods in music therapy
T. V. Sairam
Nada Centre for Music Therapy, a Chennai-based organization propagating music therapy in the country (www.nada.in) is of late flooded with queries as to how exactly music can be used by those who want it to cure their mental ailments or inadequacies in their lives. This article aims at giving a broad guideline.
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Some Social Issues
Aliving on the edge
Dr. Simret Zandu
We still stand flabbergasted in front of the need of a social re-construction, still involving the question of gender equality, and, in highlighted terms, the security of the ‘fairer’ s*x. A dire need to discern, propagate, demand and establish the means of protection of women and girls against discrimination, domestic violence, s*x**l harassment, and s*x**l assault still remains a legitimate question.
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Ayurvedic Concepts
Does ayurveda speak of mock surgeries?
Dr. Yogitha Bali
Mock surgeries have become very common these days due to its present relevance and advantages in the health care. The same concept of mock or the experimental surgeries can be found explained centuries ago by Susrutha, father of both the Ancient and Modern surgery in the Susrutha samhitha in the chapter yogya-sutriya. Hence here, an effort was made to explore the same.
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Role of aloe vera in digestive system related immune disorders: a scientific approach
Dr. Shobha Benijwal
Aloe Vera is one of the miracle plants with many health benefits. Regular use of Aloe Vera can help us to attain overall wellness and now this fact is medically recognized also. We can use aloe Vera for better physical health, improved bodily functions and many other beauty benefits.
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Ayurvedic Lifestyle
Seasonal life style for good health
Dr. Jagruti Chaple
Ayurveda recommends that everyone should follow a seasonal routine (Ritu Charya) to balance the seasonal changes. It is important to get advice from an Ayurvedic practitioner before following daily or seasonal routines since factors such as age, s*x, physical strength, digestive power and mental state needs to be assessed to get the maximum benefits.
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