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Ayurveda And All - November 2012 issue

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Preparation for Winter - Some Ayurvedic Tips
Dr. Ankita
As the seasons changes, our bodies require different types of food and lifestyle factors to stay balanced. Without a doubt, winters require alternations in almost every health facet. Let’s have a look at some of the ayurveda tips for winters that can defend you this chilly season.
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Lifestyle Disorders
Impact of Unhealthy Lifestyle &Occupation on Health
Dr. Yogitha Bali
In today’s world, in spite of age, every person suffers from either one or the other health problem due to our lifestyle or the way of living. Improper lifestyle is said to be the most important cause for most of the modern day diseases. The western lifestyle, characterized by convenience food, TV and PCs, is taking its toll on children as well as adults, and is producing increased numbers of overweight, passive youngsters with lifestyle diseases.
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Health Benefits of Eucalyptus
Smita Dongre
Eucalyptus is an Australian evergreen tree. The therapeutic effect of eucalyptus leaves was first realized by the aboriginal people of Australia. It became a traditional remedy that cured diseases. It is used by people throughout the world in the form of pills, inhalers, ointments and salves for a variety of ailments. Eucalyptus aids in the treatment of colds, flu, bronchitis, chest congestion, respiratory infections and pneumonia. Eucalyptus leaves are a potent antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent and often used externally in the treatment of small cuts, wounds, burns, sores and ulcers.
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Ulcerative Colitis
Ulcerative Colitis: An Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the colonic mucosa characterized by small ulcerations and bloody diarrhea. The most common area affected is the sigmoid colon and rectum but it can affect the entire colon. Except for a minority of cases which affect the lower part of the ileum, the small intestine is rarely involved. With a general information on epidemiology and etiology on IBD, present article mainly deals Ulcerative Colitis and its treatment modalities.
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Nutrition and Diet
Food as a Stress Buster
Jaya Mohan
Your diet provides the nutrition you need at every life stage for body function and day-to-day health. Wrong foods can diminish productivity and create stress. We can manage our work and thus our lives better and save ourselves from stress by paying altention to our diet.
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Music Therapy
Emotional Secrets in Musical Constructs
Dr. T.V. Sairam
Right from the days of Plato, music is known for its healing role, though only of late – from the world war aftermaths, music has turned into an exclusive discipline called ‘music therapy’. When we talk of emotion, we all know that music may sound joyful, sad or angry depending on its contents and tempo. For the purpose of this article, we would analyse the sadness in a musical structure.
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