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Ayurveda And All - October 2012 issue

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‘Be Limpid in Treating Lipid’: A Comprehensive Lipid Care
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
As a sequel to our previous article ‘When Lipids Cross Limits’…., the present article discusses about the commonest and prime manifestation of Lipid disorders, Hyperlipidaemia, where the moiety of the lipid panel is vitiated to the pathological levels resulting in the global epidemics like cardiovascular disorders and metabolic syndromes.
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Ayurvedic Therapies
Steps of Yoganindra Practice
Dr. Yogitha Bali
Most People Sleep Without Resolving Their Tensions,
This Is Termed Nidra
Nidra Means Sleep, No Matter What Or Why,
But Yoga Nidra Means Sleep After Throwing Off The Burdens,
It Is A Blissful, Higher Quality Altogether
>> Page 17

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera
Smita Dongre
Aloe Vera is one of the miracle plants with many health benefits. Regular use of Aloe Vera can help us to attain overall wellness and now this fact is medically recognized also. We can use aloe Vera for better physical health, improved bodily functions and many other beauty benefits.
>> Page 29

Music Therapy
Dr. T.V. Sairam
Music waves and rhythms can alter the pace or composition of brain waves, thus affecting the mental state or consciousness levels and selecting appropriate tunes and rhythms, every mental ailment can be effectively addressed.
>> Page 37

Rectal Bleeding
Rectal Bleeding? Be Cautious
Dr. Nilima N. Wadnerwar
This article gives a brief description of the causes of rectal bleeding with its management and prevention.
>> Page 21

Benefits of Healthy Diet
Smita Dongre
If you want to be healthy and alive, you have to get foods with life of their own into your body. By choosing the best fuel for the body, you can promote dramatic improvement in energy level and a generally enhanced sense of well being. The following are rules for the journey towards health and a vibrant life.
>> Page 34

Ayurveda and Neurology
Parkinson's Disease
Dr. K.V. Iyer
Gear up for the monsoon season using ayurvedic tips and remedies for preventing and curing many ailments common in the rainy season.
>> Page 41



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