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Ayurveda And All - September 2012 issue

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‘When Lipids Cross Limits’: Disorders of Lipoprotein Metabolism
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
Following the introduction to lipid moiety in our previous article titled ‘lipids within limits…’, the basics of pathophysiology of primary (inherited) disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, the diseases and factors that cause secondary disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, and the practical approaches to their diagnosis and conventional management are lucidly dealt in present article.
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Ayurveda for Women
Prakriti Regarding Diet and Lifestyle
Dr. Jagruti Chaple
Ayurveda prescribes diets and regimens according to the mool prakriti (basic constitution) of a person. As each individual is different from the other the mool prakriti is ascertained first. The three types of constitution are Vata constitution, Pitta constitution and Kapha constitution and their combinations.
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Ayurvedic Constitution
Garlic: The Herbal Wonder Drug
Smita Dongre
Some of the old stories of garlic’s healing properties have doubtful validity, but many of its claimed health benefits have been backed up by modern scientific research. Various garlic health benefits have long been claimed and the “stinking rose” treatment has been used extensively in herbal medicine (phytotherapy) down the centuries. It’s been considered by many to be a herbal “wonder drug”, with a reputation in folklore for preventing or treating everything from the common cold and flu to the Plague.
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Ayurvedic Therapies
Shirodhara – Silencer of the Mind
Dr. Yogitha Bali
Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic healing practice performed in India for over 5,000 years. The word shirodhara breaks down into two ideas: “shiro,” meaning head, and “dhara,” which means flow. Together they form a concept that aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health. This is achieved through a relaxing technique in which warmed oil is poured over the forehead for an extended period of time.
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Ayurvedic Concepts
The Secret to Weight Management
Jaya Mohan
Fad diets or crash diets may produce short term results in losing weight but over a long period of time they are hard to follow and bring more harm than good. Instead follow a healthy, nutritious diet to loose weight and do not fall prey to these so called fad diets.
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Ayurvedic Therapies
Gear up for the Monsoon Season
Dr. Ankita
Gear up for the monsoon season using ayurvedic tips and remedies for preventing and curing many ailments common in the rainy season.
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