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Ayurveda And All - June 2012 issue

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Appease the Peptic Ulcer Disease and Put Your Gut at Ease
Dr. K.V. Narasimha Raju, Dr. B. Swapna
In the digestive system, an ulcer is an area where tissue has been destroyed by gastric juices and stomach acid. Peptic ulcer disease is a general term for ulcers that occur in the stomach or duodenum. Peptic ulcer disease affects about 4.6 million people annually. Read about the Ayurvedic treatment for peptic ulcer disease.
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Ayurvedic Diet
Antidote for Incompatible Food
Dr. Sonali Chalakh
Food combination is the most important concept while preparing the wholesome diet. Our life force that means prana is dependent on food. So one must keep in mind the combination of substances while preparing the food.
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Power of Rudraaksh
Rudraakshas and Their Effect on Health
Dr. Yogitha Bali
For thousands of years in India, yogis have worn Rudraksha beads to experience the deep tranquility and concentration which are vital for meditation and control of both the body and mind. 
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Ayurveda and Dandruff
The Menace of Dandruff
Dr. Preeti Dass
What is dandruff and what causes it? What can you do to control dandruff and what remedies can be used at home for getting rid of this menace?
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Ayurveda and Back Pain
Get Rid of Back Pain With The Help Of Majjabasti
Dr. Meena Deogade
Back pain can be considered as the most common cause of occupational and poor posture habit disability and leading contribution to neurological ailment. Read about the Ayurvedic treatment for back pain
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Music Therapy
The Psychoacoustics: A Promising Area in Brain Research?
Dr. T. V. Sairam
The term ‘psychoacoustics’ essentially refers to the modern study on the way sound emanations are perceived by the human beings. The study includes how we listen, our psychological responses, and the physiological impact of music and sound on our nervous system. In the realm of psychoacoustics, the terms music, sound, frequency, vibrations etc become interchangeable, as the study is aimed at dissecting the listening experience. 
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Ayurveda and Kidney Stone
Ayurvedic Therapy for Kidney Stone
Dr. Jagruti Chaple
Since centuries, Ayurveda has been quite efficient in curing problems with kidney stones. Both individual herbs and Ayurvedic preparations are efficacious in solving vrukka ashmari problems.
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Healthy Diet
Role of High Fibre Diet in Good Health
Dr. Ankita
With changing dietary fashions, the current emphasis on low-fat items - has given dietary fibre a back seat. Although people may pay less attention to fibre, its health benefits have not vanished.
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