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Ayurveda And All - September 2010 issue

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Dengue-What you Can do to Help Yourself?
Dr. Preeti Das
The dengue menace in Delhi is becoming an international concern with its showing no signs of abating. Let us see how we can overcome and prevent dengue at our own individual levels and curb the rising epidemic.
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Ayurvedic Therapies
Leech Therapy – Healing through Blood Suction
Dr. Mahesh K. Iyer & Dr. K. Sekhar
Jalookavacaranam or Leech therapy / Hirudotherapy (from the Greek, hirudo means leech) is one among the three minor techniques mentioned for bloodletting. It is said that leech therapy is the best therapy for the elderly, children and for the timid as it is the most sukumara (soft/mild) technique of bloodletting. Leech therapy has got very wide range of applications in medicine.
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Ayurvedic Concepts
Tridoshas – The Biodynamics Factors
Dr. Sathya N. Dornala & Dr. J. Snehalatha
As Tridoshas play crucial role in physiology and pathological mechanisms of the body, so it is very essential for everybody to know its controlling factors. The basic idea about health on the whole can be achieved from the following given information, thereby the individual learns how to follow the biological rhythms.
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Ayurveda and Skin
Blackheads and Dark Circles - Two Common Cosmetic Problems
Dr. Preeti Das
Any scar or blemish on the skin worries a Woman the most. The two most common causes of blemishes are blackheads and under eye dark circles. Some simple ways can help prevent and cure them easily at home.
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Music therapy
Mind and Music
T. V. Sairam
The ancient Indian musicologists were not only concerned with the aesthetic role in experiencing raga, but had also emphasized on their therapeutic impact on emotional situations. The ragas have been selectively used along with appropriate rhythms and beats to address the turbulent minds and to balance the emotional upheavals during unbearable losses, trauma and whatnot experienced by our forefathers.
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Ayurveda and Headache
Get Rid of Headache with Ayurveda
Dr. Charminder Kaur
Vitiation of any of the three doshas can cause a headache, according to ayurveda. Treatment for headache varies for different types of headache according to the dosha imbalance.
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