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Ayurveda And All - June 2010 issue

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What is Sinusitis?
Dr. Paritosh Tyagi
Sinusitic is a fairly common ENT disorder, which is recurrent and bothers the person suffering from it every now and then. Ayurveda helps in relieving the symptoms as well removing the tendency to develop sinusitis again & again.
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Ayurveda and Kidney Stones
What Everyone Needs to Know about Kidney Stones (Ashmari)
Dr. Sathya N. Dornala & Dr. J.Snehalatha
Kidney stones are a common occurrence, which can cause excruciating pain. Read all about kidney stones, Management, prevention and Ayurvedic cure.
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Ayurveda and Interstitial Cystitis
Interstitial Cystitis -A Stubborn Ailment
Dr. Preeti Dass
Interstitial cystitis is one of the disorders for which conventional therapy has not yet found a cure. Such disorders respond extremely well to holistic system of medicines such as Ayurveda. Ayurveda works on individual basis and consultation with an Ayurvedic physician pays off in the treatment of such a stubborn disorder.
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Home Remedies
Dr. Mukul Anand
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Music Therapy
Music as a Holistic Medicine
T. V. Sairam
It is worth experiencing music to explore its dimensions which promise to usher in new avenues for application for the human welfare.
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Ayurvedic Kitchen
Sattvic, Rajsic, Tamsic-Choose?
Sattva is defined as the quality of purity and goodness. Sattvic food is that which is pure, clean and wholesome. A sattvic diet is food that gives life, strength, energy, courage and self-determination.
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Ayurveda and Children
Ayurvedic Treatment for Tonsillitis and Adenoids
Dr. S. K. Misra
Tonsillitis and adenoids are a common ailment in children. Treat the two conditions at home and alleviate your child’s suffering with harmless remedies.
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