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Ayurveda And All - August 2008 issue

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Pneumonia-Causes and Treatment
Dr Charminder Kaur
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that needs apropriate treatment at the right time. This article presents a detailed information on pneumonia, its causes and management.
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AyurvedA and Women
The Transition from Childhood to Womanhood
Dr. Preeti Dass
Puberty is a difficult time that brings a lot of physical and mental stress in young adults, especially in girls. Everyone knows the teen years can be difficult — for both teens and parents. All those physical changes during puberty can make adolescents feel awkward and unsure of themselves.
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Music Therapy
Dr. T. V. Sairam
Music waves and rhythms can alter the pace or composition of brain waves, thus affecting the mental state or consciousness levels and selecting appropriate tunes and rhythms, every mental ailment can be effectively addressed.
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Ayurveda and Neurology
Parkinson’s Disease
Dr. K. Y. Iyer
Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic progressive disorder, which has no known cure. Ayurveda has much to offer to patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease in the form of medicines, dieting and lifestyle changes and rejuvenation therapies.
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AyurvedA and our Body
Excessive or Lack of Perspiration Is it a Cause to Worry?
Dr. Ankita
How much we sweat depends on how many sweat glands we have. Sometimes, however, the complex mechanism of perspiration goes awry, resulting in either excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) or little or no perspiration (anhidrosis).
>> Page 40

The Versatile Lemon
Dr. Mukul Anand
Lemon has many uses from cleaning utensils to curing many ailments. Use the versatile lemon in the many different ways to enjoy all its benefits.
>> Page 45

Umesh Pande
Rose, one of the most aromatic and beautiful flowers has many therapeutic uses too. Use rose in different ways to cure and prevent many ailments.
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