Ayurveda And All - November 2006 issue

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Eyes- Vision as seen in Ayurveda
Dr. Charminder Kaur
Among the five sensory organs, eyes are the most beautiful expressive organs we have that also have the capability of vision. Dozens of causes can cause trouble to this beautiful and useful organ. Read about eyes and vision, their disorders and management with an ayurvedic perspective.
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Dengue and Chikungunya Fever
Dr. Ankita
Learn the ways of prevention of dengue and chikungunya fever and the role of ayurveda in combating the two illnesses.
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Childhood obstructive sleep apnea
Dr. K. Y. Iyer
Sleep apnea disturbs sleep of the child to an extent that child feels sleepy all through the day, has difficulty waking in the morning, and disturbed concentration. Learn to manage this problem in your child.
>> Page 21

All About Typhoid Fever
Dr. K. Y. Iyer
Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which can prove potentially fatal if left untreated. Recognize the signs and symptoms of typhoid fever and get treated on time.
>> Page 27

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients
Dr. T. V. Sairam
The benefits of music therapy are increasingly acknowledged in recent literature. Most of the studies on the effects of music therapy emphasize its therapeutic role in decreasing agitated behaviors.
>> Page 35

The Wonders of Tea
Dr. Nidhi Luthra
Besides being a popular beverage all over the world, tea has many health benefits too. Read all about all varieties of tea including herbal teas, their benefits and ways of preparation.
>> Page 38

Treatments for Cold and Flu
Dr. R. S. Negi
Influenza is one of the thousands of diseases that modern medicine has yet to find a cure for but herbs and natural remedies can relieve the symptoms.
>> Page 46

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