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Ayurveda And All - October 2006 issue

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Queries related to Br**st-feeding
Dr. Charminder Kaur
It is a proven fact that br**st fed babies are less prone to all sorts of illnesses as compared to formula fed babies. Not only does human milk provide protection to the baby against infection but also is a source of all the nutrients a baby needs. Clear all your queries on br**st feeding.
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Losing Weight, the Ayurvedic Way
Dr. K. y. Iyer
Treating overweight/obesity is a lifelong goal, not just for a season. The critical ingredients of a successful program combine good nutritional habits with increasing amounts of physical activity and behavior modification. Numerous tips to reduce obesity have been mentioned in ayurveda. These ayurvedic tips help you to reduce weight.
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Health of a Nation
Dr. T. V. Sairam
Government and the general public have to come forward to make this discipline MT (music therapy) as a right successor to IT (Information Technology) revolution witnessed in recent years. While IT could contribute to wealth of the nation, MT promises for her health.
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Treatment of Common Disorders in Children
Dr. Sandhya Tuppekar
Select safe commonly available ayurvedic/herbal remedies to combat ailments of children.
>> Page 32

Tips for Heathy Hair
Dr. Preeti Dass
Hair plays a very vital role in the looks of a person. The condition of your hair is also a sign of the condition of your health. There are things you can do to keep hair looking healthy, lustrous and beautiful.
>> Page 36

Powerhouse of Nutrients-Spinach
Dr. Ankita
Spinach is a rich source of many nutrients. Include it in your diet and reap its many benefits.
>> Page 42

Asafoetida, A Valuable Spice and Medicine
Dr. Mukul Anand
Asofoetida or Hing is one of the most valuable medicinal spices, which has innumerable benefits.
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