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Ayurveda And All - April 2006 issue

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All About Kidney Stones
Dr. charminder kaur
This is a brief overview on kidney stones with its management and ayurvedic treatment. Kidney stones are hard masses that can grow from crystals forming within the kidneys. Doctors call kidney stones “renal calculi,” and the condition of having such stones “nephrolithiasis.”
>> Page 18

Caring for your individual Skin
Dr. Ankita
The health of your skin is dependant on the health of your body, the more vital and well nourished your body, your skin will likely remain youthful for longer unless some disease is present.
>> Page 11

Teen Toning: The X Factor
Amrita Zndu
Read about the hard to resolve, uncanny mishmash of X factor.
>> Page 26

Hatha Yog- Yoga of Body Control
Dr. K. Y. Iyer
What makes Hatha Yog unique and different from any other form of exercise is the faithful adherence to these principles. They include staying within your capabilities, slow and steady movement and progress, co-ordination of movement with breathing, no use of force or violence, awareness in the pose and counterpose, static and dynamic poses, no use of props to do what you otherwise cannot, no going out-of-breath and no comparisons with others.
>> Page 33

Music Therapy: The Probable Mechanism
Dr. T. V. Sairam
An increased level of wellness and quality of life regardless of one’s health conditions or physical or mental disabilities has been confirmed in several experiments with music. The author explores the probable mechanisms by which music works as a therapeutic healing agent.
>> Page 40

Olive Oil for Health
Dr. Nidhi Luthra
The popularity of olive oil is rising due to its innumerable benefits. Read all about olive oil-its origin, properties, qualities and medicinal benefits.
>> Page 51

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