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Ayurveda And All - March 2006 issue

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Kushth-The Maharoga
Leprosy has struck fear into human beings for thousands of years, and was well recognized in the oldest civilizations of China, Egypt and India. Read about the causes, signs, symptoms and conventional and ayurvedic treatment of this maharoga.
>> Page 12

The Painful Shingles
People with lowered immunity levels are more likely to suffer from viral infections such as shingles. Learn how and when you develop the painful shingles with ways to manage it.
>> Page 17

Looking Beautiful all Summer Long
Here are a few tips for making you maintain a healthy and beautiful skin all through the summers. Summers are here of you skin and prepare it for the heat.
>> Page 22

Top Ten Causes of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
The most common causes of heavy menstrual bleeding with the holistic treatment for having a normal period are detailed in the article.
>> Page 24

Facets of Reality: Dieting a Quasi Farce
More and more people seem to be obsessed with possessing a thin slender figure for which they use the easiest mode of losing weight - ‘Dieting’. What exactly do the various diet programmes do? How beneficial and how harmful are they? Learn the reality of all these diet programmes before you plunge into one.
>> Page 32

Ayurveda and Human Body
What is the aim of ayurvedic treatment and how does ayurveda treat diseases?
>> Page 36

Music as a Complementary Medicine
Days are not far when music gets its rightful place as a dependable medicine that complements with all forms of medical interventions - be it homoeo or allo, naturo or ayurvedic.
>> Page 40

Milk, The Miracle Food
According to ayurveda, milk provides special and unique nutrition that cannot be derived from any other type of food. Milk, when digested properly, nourishes all the tissues, promotes balanced emotions, and helps to balance all the doshas.
>> Page 43

Holistic Approach to Hair Care
Learn the tips for healthy and beautiful hair.
>> Page 47

Flowers for your health and beauty
Enjoy the healing effects of flowers by trying a few home remedies prapared from flowers.
>> Page 53

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