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Ayurveda And All - November 2005 issue

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Sciatica-the painful limb
Ayurveda holds that low back pain is a result of vitiation of one of the three principal 'doshas'. 'Kateegraham'/'Prishtasoola' or low back pain is an indication of Vata aggravation and bone and muscle weakness. Treatment in Ayurveda is to bring the vitiated 'dosha' back to the state of equilibrium and thereby to the state of health.
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Care of nose, the site of prana
Ayurveda considers the nose as a doorway to the brain and consciousness. The nasal administration of medication is called nasya. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by means of the nearest possible opening, the nose, by use of ayurvedic therapies such as nasya.
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Cervical polyps and erosions - The Ayurvedic cure
The article presents a brief overview of two common women problems-Cervical erosion and Polyp with its causes, prevention and management.
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Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Small pox is an acute contagious disease that has been eradicated now but it is still important to be aware of the signs and symptoms and management of this disease to be able to manage any sudden out break.
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Home remedies for common ailments
It is so easy to cure certain ailments through the simplest means available in every household. The knowledge of such easy to use home remedies can make life so comfortable for us. The following is an assortment of tried and true home remedies from a variety of sources. Many people have found the following treatments to be an effective alternative to modern medicines or treatments.
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Choice of food
The Ayurvedic diet focuses on individual diet for everyone on the bases of constitution and body type of each individual.
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Isabgol-a well known, natural remedy for constipation
Psyllium has a long history of use throughout the world. It has been used in traditional medicine in India and finds mention in many an ancient Indian Ayurvedic prescriptions.
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Laws of human behavior
The different social groups expect different patterns of human behavior to maintain the blocks of reality; at the same time, expectations of sensibilities of the human mind demands a conscious effort to arouse the individual conscience to reduce the conflict of the self with the outer world for healthy living...
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Music therapy for elderly
With special reference to geriatrics, music being a safe, pressure free and non threatening experience, is used to reduce anxiety and frustration and to decrease depression in older Adults.
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Scientific massage of the baby
Massage of a baby in the early months of his life is very important. It is important to know the proper techniques and method of massaging the baby. The article here gives proper directions to be followed while massaging a baby.
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