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Ayurveda And All - August 2005 issue

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Get rid of headache with Ayurveda
Vitiation of any of the three doshas can cause a headache, according to ayurveda. Treatment for headache varies for different types of headache according to the dosha imbalance.
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The nuisance of gynaec infections
The insights that Ayurveda offers in treating woman’s diseases are helpful, not only with diagnosis and treatment, but also with understanding the root cause of the disease. va****tis is a common gynecological problem and ayurveda has a number of healing herbs to cure this condition.
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Gastroenteritis in children-visuchika
Overcoming the symptoms of gastroenteritis and preventing dehydration are foremost while managing patients suffering from the disease. Many herbs form an effective mode for treating this problem in children.
>> Page 22

Painful stones
The pain due to calculi can be unendurable and can trouble you recurrently. Here are a few tips and the ayurvedic treatment on how you can take precautions and treat at the earliest.
>> Page 25

Trisutra Ayurveda
The Trisutra of Ayurveda were pronounced for the diseased to take care of their health and live life on norms of Ayurvedic principles.
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Proto-ragas a boon for the mentally-challenged people
Mentally challenged people react to certain kind of musical sounds, namely, proto-ragas, which only have one, two, three or four notes.
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The fear factor - Fear: the basic element
Realization and study of the element of fear is the first step towards overcoming the fear.
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Diet to balance Kapha, Pitta and Vata
The diets mentioned in the article are for different constitutions to pacify either of the three doshas. You can choose what is best for you.
>> Page 39

The power of cinnamon
Nature’s gift to mankind in the form of various herbs in continuous use as medicine since time immemonal. Every herb or green remedy is invariably used for treating various diseases. Cinnamon or dalchini is just one of them.
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Aloe Vera (a great future aspect in medicinal field)
With great advancement of studies of medicinal uses of medicinal plants, Aloe vera has proved its importance due to their multi medicinal uses and emerges as a great beneficial medicinal plant from economic, research and medicinal point of view.
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Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Sporting right
Ayurvedic healers recommend that you choose the type of exercise and sport you do, as well as its intensity and duration, based on your predominant dosha and your individual needs for balance. Different sporting activities suit different people. Read more...
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Nature’s digestive tonic curd
Curd is a very nourishing food. It is a valuable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a rich source of calcium and riboflavin. The protein in curd is more readily digestible than the protein in milk. It is therefore an ideal diet for those who have sensitive digestive systems.
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