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Ayurveda And All - July 2005 issue

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The scorching summer heat
Summer is here and so are the problems connected with it such as heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat fever and heat stroke. It is always better to take precautions to minimise then effects of the scorching heat.
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Garbhini paricharya (care during pregnancy)
Ayurved shastr suggests a complete know how to maintain pregnancy and have a normal delivery. For this a complete protocol has been suggested by all acharayas, which is called garbhini paricharya, which describes many rituals that are designed to focus the mother’s thoughts towards a sattvic mode of love, purity and devotion.
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Ayurvedic cure for tonsillitis
Inflamed tonsils can be troublesome for a child causing difficulty in eating, breathing and hearing. Most of the cases respond to medication but in many severe cases surgery is advised. How and when this surgery should be undertaken, that is important. The article deals with tonsillitis, its ayurvedic cure and when is surgical intervention the only solution?
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The king of fruits
Mango, the king of fruits is the most delicious fruit. It is not only delicious but is also a rich source of many essential nutrients. Savour this fruit this season and enjoy all its qualities.
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Benefits of tea
Tea has numerous medicinal benefits, which is one of the compelling reason for its popularity. Besides being a rich source of antioxidants, tea has other curative properties such as being an antiseptic and an aid digestion and many others.
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Ear ailment: home remedies
The article presents some very useful home remedies to cure many types of ear ailments.
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The "feel good" factors in music
‘That which pleases the mind’ declares a verse in Sanskrit’, ‘is music!’ In order to become music, sound has to be pleasing to its listeners.
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Nutrition for the elderly
Helping the elderly choose wisely from among the food groups can improve their health and zest for life. As a matter of fact, these recommendations wouldn't be bad for adults of any age to use daily!
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Hom******lity: fears and concerns
The author explores into the aspect of hom******lity fears and concerns in everyone’s mind.
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Role of honey in ayurveda
There are many benefits of honey. Try the given home remedies prepared with honey to cure various ailments.
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The vaidya’s delights ginger and turmeric
Ginger and turmeric are two indispensable ingredients used both as a medicine and a spice in India. Both herbs have proved to be a cure for many troubles.
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The reversal diet for coronary disease
Always remember the human body is like a temple. Do not pollute it with junk food, alcohol and tobacco. And, do not live to eat! Eat only what the body needs. As you grow older, the body needs very little-around 1500 calories or even less!
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Responsibility for your condition lies in you
Since diseases are the manifestations of your innder emotional conditions, therefore if you do not change your attitude then it means that you need to remain unwell. So change your attitude if you need to heal yourself. Healing with Reiki is considered to be the highest spiritual energy available at this time because it is the only energy that heals unconditionally. Only a willingness to be healed is required.
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