Ayurveda And All - June 2005 issue

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Ayurvedic cure for constipation
At one time or another, almost everyone get constipated. Dietary and natural measures are the best methods to have a clear bowel movement.
>> Page 12

Enhance your digestion
Digestion is a key indicator of good health in ayurveda. Some simple dietary recommendations aid in good digestion.
>> Page 19

Breathing - the correct way
Yogis realized the vital importance of an adequate oxygen supply thousands of years ago. They developed and perfected various breathing techniques. These breathing techniques help in providing adequate oxygen to the body, which is essential for good dealth.
>> Page 22

Psyllium husk - natural fibre agent
Our modern diet usually lacks in fiber. Psyllium husk is a natural agent to provide sufficient dietary fiber to the fiber deficient food.
>> Page 33

What is meditation- the basic question
Reflect on the author’s description of what meditation is and you will find it much easier to perform the simple task of relaxation, that is meditation.
>> Page 35

Self-music therapy: a new horizon for healing
As rhythms in music resonate with one’s heartbeats, the feelings cached in music elevate his or her level of moods, re-shaping a person from a computer-prompted robot to a healthy’ human being, prompted and pampered by love and inner joy.
>> Page 38

The natural way to beauty
A well-balanced diet that provides the body with sufficient energy is what keeps the human body in the pink of health and beauty. Certain fruits, vegetables and food products are essentially good for healthy and beautiful looks. Let us see how each one is important for a balanced diet to maintain good health and beauty.
>> Page 40

Diagnosing in ayurveda
Diagnosis is an important requisite to treating any illness by any mode of therapy be it allopathy or ayurveda. The methods of diagnosis may be different in each stream of medical science. Ayurvedic healers diagnosis a patient’s illness is many ways.
>> Page 43

Bitter gourd
Bitter gourd or karela known in Hindi, though bitter in taste has many medicinal benefits making it worthwhile to include such a bitter food in your diet.
>> Page 45

Essential for good health
As food is a basic requirement, you must eat to live. What you eat affects, to a high degree, your ability to remain well, to have a long life and to be happy. So, it is time now for you to take a look at what you have at your disposal and how best you can utilise nature’s bounty.
>> Page 47

Deworming the ayurveda way
The problem of worm infestation poses a health hazard in our country especially in the villages and slum areas where proper sanitation facilities and drinking water supply are not maintained. Ayurveda offers solution for worm infestation, which is easy to follow.
>> Page 49

Pneumonia of goats & medicinal plants
Herbs are not only useful in treating human beings but they also have therapeutic benefits for animals.
>> Page 52

Pill poppers - beware!
Are you one of those self-medicating souls who reaches for a pill every time you feel the beginnings of a headache? Well, stop now, before playing self-appointed doctor lands you in an emergency room.
>> Page 54

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