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Ayurveda And All - May 2005 issue

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Ayurvedic cure for piles
Piles are a painful condition that can harass a patient to a great extent, treatment of piles is more about management then medicinal treatment.
>> Page 12

Back to school
The article is friendly reminder about how necessary sleep is for our children of all ages. In fact, success in all areas of life depends on adequate sleep.
>> Page 18

Protecting your skin in summers
Inculcate a proper skin care routine into your day early. Always nourish and pamper your skin to keep it healthy for the future. With the proper care, your skin can stay fresh as you age.
>> Page 20

Vegetable juices: nutritive and curative
The author presents below some common disorders and vegetable juices most beneficial in their treatment.
>> Page 24

Yoga therapy for bitter sugar disease
Through ages people have benefitted from practicing yoga. Yoga keeps you fit and cures many diseases. The author here give the benefits of yoga in the treatment of diabetes.
>> Page 26

Ayurvedic principles of diet
Diet is considered to be very important in the treatment and prevention of diseases in ayurveda. Therefore ayurveda offers special recommendations for diet.
>> Page 33

Elephantiasis shilavat padam shleepadam
Filariasis, commonly known as elephantiasis is a parasitic infestation which mainly involves legs, causing inflammation. It is a common disease in Bihar and West Bengal. Ayurvedic recommendations help relieve the pain due to dreaded infestation by parasitic.
>> Page 36

Onion - guard against diseases
Onions have numerous therapeutic benefits. Consumption of onions can guard us against many diseases.
>> Page 38

Cure all shilajeet
Shilajeet is an ayurvedic remedy prepared from the exudate that ejects out from rocks during hot weather. This used for treatment of many diseases.
>> Page 42

Music, the medicine
Music should form an integral part of one’s daily routine. It helps in achieving balance which gives mental strength to face problems. The author Dr. T. V. Sairam presents music as medicine.
>> Page 44

Ayurveda for health and longevity
The most basic activities such as breathing, eating, drinking water sleeping etc. have a significant influence on our health. Learn these basics for health and longevity.
>> Page 48

Eating for a healthy baby
The state of baby's health at birth is tied to it's mother's diet during pregnancy. Lack of calories and protein in the last trimester (7-9 months) can interfere with the brain development of the foetus. Inadequate food intake and wrong kind of food can retard foetal growth.
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