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Ayurveda And All - April 2005 issue

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Safe heart with herbs
Stopping heart disease before it starts is no longer the sole domain of doctors. These days your can do it largely by yourself if you watch what your eat, exercise regularly and keep track of your cholesterol and blood pressure.
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Keep your cholesterol levels at bay with Ayurveda
Cholesterol build up is the most common cause of heart disease, and it heppens so slowly that you are not even aware of it. Almost every one can benefit from lowering his or her cholesterol levels. So keep your cholesterol levels at bay.
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Neem - Sarvrog Nivarini
Described in the ayurvedic texts as sarva roga nivarini-that which keeps all diseases at bay, or arishtha--reliever of disease, neem has been used in the ayurvedic tradition for thousands of years to maintain health.
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Water healing
Water has been used at home for various treatments since ancient times. Water healing has innumerable benefits from relieving pain to improving metabolic functions. The important point here is the temperature and the way the water is used.
>> Page 24

The marvels of camphor
Camphor tastes bitter but surprisingly has many medicinal effects. Camphor is famous old home remedy fo many conditions such as blemishes and many other skin conditions.
>> Page 28

Dental care of children
As a child grows from infancy through adolescence, it is important to promote good health through healthy lifestyles and habits. Lifestyles that are learned in childhood are more likely to stay with the child into adulthood.
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A to Z healing herbs
The author presents a comprehensive index in alphabetical order of some of the most popular herbs that are used for medicinal purposes.
>> Page 36

Springing to health
The time when the seasons change is the best time to divest yourself of the earlier season’s accumulation of ama and to perpare the body for the new season.
>> Page 39

"Dincharya" daily routine
There is a rythm to every natural phenomenon. The human system too does not escape this rythm. The kapha -pitta-vata trio changes in dominance not only during the life span of a person, but also during change of season, every day and every moment.
>> Page 42

The power of sound vibrations
Nada Yoga is an approach to sounds with reverence - not just as objects for self aggrandizement or sensual entertainment but as integral part of ones own unity with his inner and outer cosmos. It refers to the study of the powerful influence that nada exerts on ones mind or consciousness.
>> Page 44

Healing power of Mulethi
Licorice or mulethi was known to the Greeks, mentioned in the Hippocratic text, and to the Romans, who made licorice extract as we make it today.
>> Page 49

The bitter taste of sugar
Remember that sugar is just an acquired taste, and those two minutes of pleasure now are not worth the pain later. These tips will help you control your sugar intake, besides setting you on the road to a healthier sugar-free life.
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