Ayurveda And All - February 2005 issue

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Br**st care for women
So many conditions that ail women require professional medical help. But due to ignorance and embarrassment, women hardly visit a doctor unless it is too late. In an effort to educate women on one of the conditions that they commonly get affected with, this article on 'br**st Care for Women' has been written. It is a hope that all women benefit from this write-up and take proper care of their body. Our ancient system ayurveda suggests a number of remedies to treat the various afflictions of br***ts.
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Ayurveda and premenstrual syndrome
The best treatment for premenstrual syndrome in women is to get the whole body back to total health while treating the worst of symptoms. A good diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken. All stimulants including tea, salt, sugar and chocolate should be avoided.
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Treating anemia (Pandu Rog) the Ayurvedic way
Anemia is a common disorder caused due to deficiency of certain nutrients such as iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acid. Modification of diet can correct and benefit this disorder in most of the cases.
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Avoid constipation in your child with Ayurveda
It is most frustrating to find a reason for constipation in your child. Identifying your child's specific dietary needs and taking care of them can help avoid constipation in your child.
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Journey towards health
Respect and love your body. Be alert to any signals of disease, indicating that something is not working right in the body. These can include pain in a part or parts of the body, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, irregular hair or nail growth, excessive fluid retention, or bloating, just to mention a few.
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Shirodhara for purification of body and mind
Shirodhara is a classical ayurvedic purification therapy, designed to eradicate the basic cause of disease. Many have benefitted from this therapy and so can you.
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Care of women after delivery (as given in ancient Shastras)
In the first days after delivery and at home with your baby, while you are learning how to take care of your infant, your body will be readjusting from the demands of pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you have had a va***nal delivery or a caesarean you will have to cope with a number of discomforts during this challenging time.
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Honey magic
Honey has been in use for several thousand years as an ingredient for medicines. Honey is an all purpose medicine for all types of ailments related to any part or organ of the body.
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Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Hair care
To maintain healthyhair, simplykeep the scalp clean by washing and adopt a balanced and adequate diet.
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Diet in pregnancy
This article has been written with a view to educate women on the diet that they ought to follow during pregnancy for the benefit of their child as well as their own health.
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Get rid of acne
Acne is a common occurence at puberty due to the hyper-activity of sebaceous glands. It is a self-limiting disease, however a careful, proper and continued management greatly reduces the effect of acne and subsequent scarring.
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Amenorrhoea: causes and simple remedies.
The absence of periods during a woman's reproductive years could be a cause for concern if the woman is not pregnant or lactating.
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Our place in the environment: some thoughts on current environmental issues
Each one of us can contribute in some way to save the environment and even small things such as turning lights off when you leave the room and not letting the water run when not in use can help change things for the better.
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