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Ayurveda And All - January 2005 issue

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Fight flu and cold with Ayurveda
Flu and cold are viral illnesses whose treatment is based at symptomatic relief. Herbal treatment provides symptomatic relief and also works towards enhancing immunity so that the body is able to fight infection on its own.
>> Page 12

Periods of pain
Dietary changes and many herbal remedies can help relieve the pain from which a women suffers during her monthly menstrual cycle.
>> Page 18

Ayurveda cure for tonsillits
For the inflammation of the tonsils, the surgeons have only one cure, that is, the removal of the tonsils. Not many people know that the removal of tonsils reduces the immunity of the body and the body becomes more prone to other infections.
>> Page 22

Nature cure for heart affections
Because our heart is the centre of our being, when it is threatened it seems to affect everything else in our life. Here, are some natural solutions to prevent and cure heart affections.
>> Page 24

Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
>> Page 33

Orange magic
Orange has many medicinal benefits besides being a good source of many minerals and vitamins. Read more about oranges.
>> Page 36

Eat carrots for health
Mother nature has provided us with so many herbs that have most wonderful effects on our health. Carrot is one of these nature’s gifts to us. Enjoy this gift for a healthy life.
>> Page 40

Food and nutrition for the ageing
Take a delight in everything you eat and drink throughout the day. If you eat a diet based on whole foods, thoughtfully prepared, you will almost certainly receive all the goodness you need and the best combination of nutrients.
>> Page 43

Worm composting for clean and safe environment
Worm composting is a way to recycle organic waste into good manure by the help of red worms, an improved method of organic waste disposal. Worm composting is a simple, cheap and fascinating way to help the society in remaining free of rotting garbage, lower incidence of diseases due to chemicals and unhealthy environment.
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