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Ayurveda And All - September 2004 issue

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Revisiting the age-old concepts on 'acid-peptic-disorders'
A brief description of acid peptic disorders with ayurvedic herbs that give relief.
>> Page 8

Ayurvedic help for women at menopause
The period of life when there is a permanent cessation of menstruation is known as menopause. It is one of the difficult times in a woman's life where she has to come to terms with many changes that take place in her body. Menopause is a physiological change in a woman's life, which is inevitable. Most of the women do not need any particular treatment and the phase passes on its own.
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Ayurveda and children
Jaundice in newborns is a fairly common condition which is generally not serious. At times it can become serious, therefore it is important to know the signs when jaundice takes a serious turn in a baby.
>> Page 16

Healing yeast infection with ayurveda
Ayurveda considers yeast infection as mainly a kapha disorder where a woman has more of kapha and less of agni. Below are given the ways by which you can decrease ‘kapha’ and cure the infection.
>> Page 19

The agony of rheumatoid arthritis and cure with ayurveda
The pain that rheumatoid arthritis causes is immense which the patients suffering from this agonising discase can only feel. Ayurveda offers remedial measures for relief from the pain caused by this disease.
>> Page 21

Monsoons - a respite but also a dread
The three dreadful diseases of monsoons and their ayurvedic treatment are discussed below.
>> Page 25

Ayurvedic cooking fundas
Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping balance. An appropriate ayurvedic diet should be co-ordinated to the basic constitution, area, season, time of the day and the state of health.
>> Page 36

The seven chakras and Reiki
The major Chakras not only control and energise the vital organs of the body but also control and affect a person's psychological and spiritual conditions. An imbalance or malfunctioning of any of these chakras causes various disorders. The higher chakra controls the one lower to it starting from the root chakra. Through Reiki one can balance the imbalances of chakras and also attain the highest spiritual levels.
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