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Ayurveda And All - August 2004 issue

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Mother and child care
A Bird’s Eye View on the care of an Expectant Mother, a mother during Child Birth and the protective care of an Infant - Ayurvedic View Points.
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Rhinitis / shvathu
As the most common allergic condition, allergic rhinits affects people of all ages. Various allergies can cause this condition in different individuals. Though ayurvedic treatment varies with each individual, the following advice can help patients suffering from rhinits to some extent.
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Teething in children
Babies are born with an almost completely developed set of teeth hidden under their tiny gums. When teething, the teeth begin to erupt from under their gums. Proper care of teeth of your children is a hygienic essential and must be given due importance.
>> Page 21

Leucorrhoea/shvet pradar
Any va***nal discharge associated with itching, burning or irritation should be investigated. Ayurveda prescribes symptomatic treatment for this condition.
>> Page 23

Eating out sensibly
Food is a basic requirement and healthy food is a necessity. Good food requires a lot of planning and consideration, especially when eaten outside home. There are many restaurants that provide good food, but only a few offer healthy food. Here are a few tips on how you can eat out in a healthier and a more sensible manner.
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Ayurvedic treatment for constipation
The problem of constipation should be relieved as naturally as possible by dietary control, increased water intake and exercise. Ayurvedic system makes you aware of the natural ways to combat constipation.
>> Page 33

Sun tan
Prolonged exposure of the unprotected skin to the sun’s rays results in severe and painful burning. The body is well equipped with defenses against the sun and burning.
>> Page 35

Diet for anaemia
Anaemia is such a problem that can be benefited from the modification of the diet based on the cause of anaemia and the nutrient that is deficient. It is necessary to alter diet to pro vide the missing nutrients and thus improve the condition. Following are the foods that can be added to the diet of an anaemic patient to raise the haemoglobin level.
>> Page 37

Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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The medicinal and curative properties of lemon are many. Here are some ways in which you may use lemon to treat certain ailments.
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Mud bath
Mud bathing is a very simple, inexpensive and true holistic approach to preventing and combating many diseases and ailments while promoting a general feeling of well-being.
>> Page 43

Music therapy
For Children, and the Elderly. While music is universally beneficial- as plants are reported to grow well and cows yielding more milk and the like, there appears a dire an urgent need for extending the beneficial effects of music to at least a selected few population groups.
>> Page 45

Absentee healing with Reiki
Absentee healing can be put to use when you cannot physically be with the person needing treatment, such as someone lying in hospital or living in a distant town. It is also a method which can immediately put to use when you are asked for treatment by letter or telephone.
>> Page 47

Kosmetika - 2004
First Exclusive Exposition on Cosmetics, Beauty & Personal Care Products. 21 October to 27 October 2004 Pragati Maidan New Delhi.
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Humor >> Page 57
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