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Ayurveda And All - July 2004 issue

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Osteoarthritis degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease is a chronic joint disorder characterized by degeneration of joint cartilage and adjacent bone that can cause joint pain and stiffness. The most common of all joint disorders, affects men and women in equal ratio.
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Female infertility-vandhyatv
Failure to achieve conception by a couple of mature age, having normal coitus, during appropriate period of menstrual cycle, regularly, at least for one year is termed as infertility. It is due to the fault in either of the partners or both of them.
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Atisar - diarrhea in children
Atisar (diarrhea) is a state in which there is excessive secretion of watery and loose stool. "Guden bahudravsarnamatisar:" Diarrhea is common in childhood with an average of 10-15 episodes in first five years.
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Hair care
Throughout our lives we take a great deal of pride in our hair and are at pains to keep it looking good; unfortunately, in an attempt to do so, we often illtreat it. For instance, we brush and comb it harshly; wash, lacquer, curl, perm, bleach and dye it with strong chemicals.
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In ancient Rome Heliotherapy or rays of the sun and their various colors were used to remedy several diseases and ailments. The use of rays of sun to cure diseases is called Heliotherapy. Helio means sun and pathy means system of cure. Through sun bathing one can effect a cure without having to resort to medicines. But unfortunately humans are failing to benefit from this science
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Live better through Ayurveda
Learning and relearning are the basics to practice of medicine in general and Ayurveda in particular. Ayurveda is not a pathy like Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy etc. but is the science and art of life, longevity and its maintenance. Ayurveda has laid down some guidelines on the basic of which humans could live happily through all four stages of life (Chaturasham).
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Nutraceuticals: Ayurveda’s perspective
Nutraceuticals, often referred to as phytochemicals or functional foods, are natural bioactive materials that provide demonstrated physiological benefits or reduce the risk of chronic diseases, above and beyond their basic nutritional function.
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Non suppressible urges
Given the life-style and the unhealthy diets of peoples today the incidence of disorders such as diabetes is on the rise. This cure of diabetes includes more of a life-style change and diet regulation. Ayurvedic approach, which teaches you more a way of life than medication is an appropriate way of managing the condition.
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Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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The tomato is one of the most important “protective foods” both because of tits special nutritive value and also because of its widespread production. It is the world,s largest vegetabel crop after potato and sweet potato, but it tops the list of canned vegetables. Tomatoes are used for soup, salad, pickles, ketchup, puree, sauses and in many other ways.
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Magic of the poles
Each cell acts as an electro-magnetic unit producing its own magnetic field. During health, cells vibrate with their own characteristic electromagnetic frequency. Bioelectromagnetic therapy helps to restore health by helping cells regain their natural electromagnetic frequency.
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Ayurvedic treatment for renal stones
Stones in the urinary system are formed due to the vitiation of the three doshas in the body: Oxalate stones are formed due to vitiation of Vata, uric acid stones are due to vitiation of Pitta and phosphate stones are formed due to vitiation of Kapha.
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How to live long?
If you are determined to live long, you can definitely live long. Never feel the burden of age, think positive in all attitudes and longevity is yours.
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A Blessed Science. Reiki is a simple and effortless physical and mental practice, which helps you heal the layers of stress and tension and enables you to balance yourself by controlling your emotions, anger and passions. Reiki helps you achieve your objectives without the accompanying stress and tension. Reiki creates the harmony between the vibrations of men within the material resources and the cosmic vibrations outside.
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The Popular Health Event. Arogya 2004 is being organised once again jointly by the Department of Indian systems of medicine and Homoeopathy, Govt. of India and India Trade Promotion Organisation.
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