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Ayurveda And All - June 2004 issue

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Diabetes and ayurveda
Given the life-style and the unhealthy diets of peoples today the incidence of disorders such as diabetes is on the rise. This cure of diabetes includes more of a life-style change and diet regulation. Ayurvedic approach, which teaches you more a way of life than medication is an appropriate way of managing the condition.
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Pregnancy induced diabetes
A patient with pregnancy diabetes needs a treatment plan that reduces both maternal and perinatal risks. It is best treated with diet control and exercises. An ayurvedic approach is of great help in such cases.
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The three doshas or the three humors
Ayurvedic philosophy is based on the concept of three doshas - the three attributes that constitute and define both body structure and well being.
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Ayurveda a way of life
Ayurveda is not a science dealing only with drugs it is more a “way of life” and describes methods for promotion, prolongation and maintenance of positive health. Scholars and ancient Indian literature have placed the origin of Ayurveda at around 6000 B.C.
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Children mukhpak stomatitis
Stomatitis is a common condition in children. It is a disease of oral cavity which can cause much nusery to our young ones. Here are a few tips on low you can help your child if he/she suffers from stomatitis.
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Diet for liver disorders
A well planned dietary regimen is of utmost importance in the prevention and treatment of most liver disorders.
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Relax the natural way
One can train oneself to such an extent that the more world RELAX uttered to the self in any situation whatsoever could overcome the natural opposition in the mind. The principle is that the mind takes up an idea and holds it firmly before the self.
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Sleep (Nidra)
A sound sleep ensures good health, promotes well being and increases energy, vigore and vitality. Both, sleeping for less than and more than required hours is hazardous.
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Constipation is the chief cause of many diseases as it produces toxins in the body. Here is the ayurvedic cure for curing constipation.
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Ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea
The term leucorrhoea or ‘Shweta Pradara’ is restricted to those patients in whom the normal va***nal discharge is increased. Leucorrhoea is a high kapha disorder and its treatment includes douching the area with various ayurvedic decoctions and by various medicinal herbs.
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Oily Skin
Oily skin, though radiant and shiny is attended with problems such as pimples and blemishes. Below are mentioned some home remedies for taking care of oily skin.
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Every house in our country has a plant of Tulsi at home for it is considered auspicious in our Indian tradition. Tulsi, besides being auspicious many a health benefit too.
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Ayurvedic Treatment for diarrhoea
Owing to the poor hygiene and badly maintained drainage facilities, diarrhoea has a marked prevalence in our country. It is a disease which is mainly caused due to infection by various microorganisms spread through unhygienic environment.
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Green leafy vegetables
Fresh vegetables have life force. Most vegetables are very high in water and necessary vitamins and minerals and low in fat and protein. Thus, they are a perfect complement to animal protein meals to help supply the needed nutrients that aid the digestion and utilization of those concentrated foods.
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Home remedies
Many a common conditions can be treated at home with some home based remedies. Here are a few common conditions treated with home remedies.
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Introduction to Vastu Shastra
The system of Vastu is an admixture of science, astronomy or astrology. It suggests practical guidelines on constructing buildings and living conditions in a house.
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